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The PowerPoint object model

Here's a representation of part of the PowerPoint object model.

This same graphic (with links to more detailed info) is available in PowerPoint's VB help system. Choose Help, Visual Basic Help (or press F1) then click Microsoft PowerPoint Visual Basic Reference in the Table of Contents that appears in the Visual Basic Help pane. Finally click Microsoft PowerPoint Object Model.

Notice that the objects shown in yellow are both objects and collections. In general, any object whose name is plural ... ends in "s" ... is a collection of members whose name is the singular version of the same name:

For example:
AddIns is the collection of all loaded addins.
Each member of the AddIns collection is an Addin

So you can write code like:

Dim oAddIn as Addin
For Each oAddIn in Application.AddIns
	Debug.Print oAddIn.Name
Next oAddIn

graphic of the powerpoint object model

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