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Office VBA code

For VB that works with the other Office applications (Excel, Word, etc.) here are some useful sites.

These will help if you need to automate other Office apps from PowerPoint, or to code for those apps directly. And a lot of the code and utilities you find on these sites will apply directly to PowerPoint as well.

Start out by taking a look at these articles

Getting To Grips With VBA Basics In 15 Minutes

How to create a Userform

MVPs.ORG is THE place to find links to some of the best Office and other code sites on the net.

And don't forget that because VBA in the various Office apps and VB share so much in common, you might find just the code you need for your PowerPoint project on Dev Ashish's Access site. I know I have.

Here are a few more of the acknowleged giants in the field:

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