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About these pages

Rather than distribute the actual presentation file from my PPTLive 2004 VBA Boot Camp session, I've posted all of the example code on this site.

If you weren't able to attend the session or who want to study the (more or less) working version of my presentation, I've uploaded it here: Automation.ppt. Click the link and when prompted, choose to download the file rather than run it.

Also, please note the date of the original talk: 2004.

That'll explain why the examples look a bit outdated. The VBA editor in PowerPoint hasn't changed much since then, and the code examples probably won't step on any PPToes if you're using a later version of PowerPoint. So basically: don't worry about it. Be happy. Write good code.

The other pages here include lots of useful little code snippets, subroutines and functions that I didn't have time to describe in our two-hour Boot Camp session. There's also a setup guide that shows you how to set up your VBA editor (built into PowerPoint) for best results.

Code examples
Code examples are formatted like this:

Sub WhereDoesTheCodeBeginAndEnd()
' Silly demo subroutine

     ' Code is formatted like this
     Msgbox ("Yes.  Exactly like this!")

     ' This helps you to know where the code begins and ends
     ' so you don't confuse it with the foolishness surrounding it

End Sub

Tips and tricks
Scattered throughout, you'll see hints and suggestions formatted like this:

Good Programming Practice

These describe techniques that professional programmers use to make their code more readable, more maintainable and easier for others to work with.
I'm not your mom, and your code will work even if you ignore these tips, but sooner or later, you'll be sorry you did. So ... PAY ATTENTION! Do what it says. You won't be sorry.

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