PowerPoint and VBA for PPTLive

Table of Contents

The VB Editor Windows
The PowerPoint Object Model
Example Code From the Seminar
PowerPoint-Specific code
General-purpose code
Windows API
Creating and Distributing Solutions
Other Resources, Utilities and Information


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The PowerPoint FAQ

Introduction   [Top]

About these pages

Set up PowerPoint and the Visual Basic Editor

Let's CODE!

The VB Editor Windows   [Top]

All those windows!

Project Explorer window

Code windows

Properties window

Object Browser window

Immediate window

The PowerPoint Object Model   [Top]

What's an "object model"?

The PowerPoint object model

Example Code From the Seminar   [Top]

About the seminar code samples

Basic Basics

PowerPoint Basics


Animation Tricks

Mass Quantities

Misc. Examples

Macro Recorder

PowerPoint-Specific code   [Top]

Is it safe to touch the text?

What's the path to the PPA (add-in) file?

Make sure a path is terminated with a backslash

PowerPoint Version

Get the Link Source of a Link

Import pictures at proper size

General-purpose code   [Top]

Replace one string in a file with another

Windows API    [Top]


Creating and Distributing Solutions   [Top]

What's a "Solution"?

Creating an add-in

Add-ins that create toolbars and menus

Installing add-ins

Other tips

Other Resources, Utilities and Information   [Top]

Where to learn more, where to find more code


Office VBA code

General VB code